For all the keepsakes you hold dear- special photos, collector coins, tickets stubs, vacation niknaks, love letters and even jewelry, keepsake boxes are a perfect place to keep the small items that make up the special memories of your your life!
Keep them close at hand and inside this hand made machine carved special keepsake box.

S & K Woodworks, will design your keepsake box to your specifications and pesonalize it to make it truely a unique gift.

Keepsake Boxes can have intricate carvings on the lid, front and back of the box with a hinged top and can be made with your choice of wood and finished with a high gloss polyurethane. Keepsake Boxes can also be personalized inside the lid. Keepsake Boxes can usually be made within 1-2 weeks depending on complexity and size. Keepsake Boxes can be picked up from us if you are local or be mailed through the post office, postage will be extra. Special order keepsake boxes will require a deposit before work begins, cash works great if again your local, otherwise a check can be mailed to us. We will email you a computer generated image of your design for approval before your box is carved.

You can download an order form here. It can be filed out electronically and emailed back to us. S & K Woodworks Order Form

There are some samples below you can look at. You can also look at our Gallery page to help you make your decission.

S&K Woodworks Paradise box